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My favorite space documentaries


I was never a fan of space movies back in my childhood days. Things have changed a lot ever since I’ve managed to find some catchy documentaries that actually explain real phenomena in simple terms that I can actually understand. If you’re like me, a newbie in this area and you feel the urge to spend some free days zapping the TV, I’ve got a list of suggestions that you might find appealing.

If you’re into telescopes and you are a big fan of the Hubble Space Telescope, you can’t miss out The Age of Hubble. This short documentary features incredible images captured by all sorts of telescopes that were transmitted to scientists right after the Hubble was launched into Earth orbit back in 1990.

Another captivating space documentary is one that explores the invention of math, called Decoding the Universe: The Great Math Mystery. Now, I know you probably hated math in highschool and I understand this issues completely, but this ‘must-see’ piece tries to explain the great mystery of math and other interesting things. Check it out, especially if you have kids. They might start doing their homework on time afterward.

Those of you that like viewing breath-taking sceneries in addition to interviews and sayings will appreciate most Journey to the Edge of the Universe. The documentary enables the audience to engage in a trip to the edge of the Cosmos and provide details about its nature.

People that never heard of Stephen Hawking most likely have lived under a rock their entire life. Fortunately, you can still learn about him and his precious discoveries from this excellent art piece entitled Stephen Hawking’s Universe. One of the most acclaimed scientists ever lived, Hawking, tells us his insights regarding the Universe and many mind-blowing ideas regarding aliens and time travel. Plus, the episode The Story of Everything features fascinating graphics and explanations besides great storylines and cool cinematography. If you have some time to spare, do yourself a favor and watch the entire mini-serie.

We all love Morgan Freeman movies and we all recognize his voice from the very first second. In addition to action and drama genre, Freeman gave us a splendid documentary, Through the Wormhole, that was awarded multiple times for its unique way of exploring the deepest mysteries of this Universe. If you decide to give it try, you’ll be mesmerized with the explanations given by renowned scientist that answer all of your questions related to the beginning of life, quantum physics, astrophysics and so much more. The best part is that we have Morgan Freeman on our side trying to offer us a simplified version about these dense subjects.

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