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Can you see the Pyramids from space? And other interesting facts about them


For thousands of years, the pyramids have remained a mystery for human beings. We know that they were built to host the bodies of the greatest pharaohs, but there are numerous legends about other aspects regarding the pyramids. Some legends say that the pyramids still hold great treasures while others say they were built by the aliens.

But if you’re more interested in the facts than in the rumors and legends, here are some cool stuff you need to know about pyramids.


Can you see the Pyramids from space?

There were numerous pyramids found over the years, but the most popular ones remain the Pyramids of Giza, in Egypt. They are also the biggest and tallest ones discovered so far, so it comes as no surprise that they gather millions of tourists and history enthusiasts every year.

These pyramids are amongst the few man-made structures that are visible from the space. You may not see them from the Moon, but there are plenty of satellites and space agencies that took pictures of the pyramids above the Earth. The International Space Station is the latest one to post photos of these Egyptian wonders.

Other man-made structures visible from outside the Earth include the Palm Islands in Dubai, the Greenhouses from Almeria, Spain or the city lights at night.


The number of pyramids

When most people think of the pyramids, they only vision the popular ones from Egypt. But did you know that there are over 5000 pyramids discovered so far? Some theories even suggest that the tomb ensemble from Giza actually consists of four structures and that the fourth one is still hidden under the desert sands.

Some of these constructions are over 5,000 years old which is astonishing given their symmetry and geometric perfection. What’s even more fascinating is that mammoths weren’t extinct until about 4,500 years ago which makes the species closer in time than the construction of some of the pyramids.


Who built them?

Some historians still have doubts regarding the actual builders of the pyramids. Given their perfect structure and extraordinary craftsmanship, some people went as far as claiming they were built by higher forces and not by humans.

However, new evidence suggests that they were, in fact, built by former pharaohs and rulers of Egypt to serve as tombs once they were gone.

For centuries, people believed that slaves were the ones forced to carry the heavy blocks of limestone. However, recent discoveries dismiss the theory as slaves should have been very well fed and fit to endure such intense physical labor.

It was not until a decade ago that archaeologist Mark Lehner discovered an entire city specifically built for the paid workers who helped with the construction of the pyramids.


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